Data radios 
The data radios are developed for receiving and transmitting data independent of the availability of nearby telephone lines.

NIROS TRX2001 provides a unique flexibility and is ideal for use in remote places Another advantage is that the operating cost of a data radio network is kept to a minimum. Our range of data radios are capable of simplex or semiduplex operation and can also be configured to werk as base stations or repeaters.

NIROS TRX2001 is built into a robust metal bousing and can be mounted either via the fixing holes or clicked directly on a DIN rau.

The series comprise a total ofthree versions of the NIROS TRX2001-P81, P82 and P83. The various versions differ in transmission speed, builtin protocols, error correction ability, etc. Application notes on request.
Programming of parameters like configuration, channels, addressing, power output (up to 5 Watt) is performed from a standard PC using the built-in RS232 interface of the radio.

The typical applications for long range wireless data transmission include :

  • Energy management
  • Traffic surveillance and control
  • Environment monitoring
  • Alarm networks
Technical specifications
Frequency range 403-470 MHz
Bandwidth 20 MHz
Channel spacing  25 kHz (12.5 and 20 kHz optional)
Channel selectivity 70dB
Receiver sensitivity, UHF BER = 10-2/ -112 dBm/0.55 uV (1/2 EMF)
Dimensions H: 138 mm, W: 67 mm, D: 30 mm
Weight 313 g
Temperature range -25°C til +55°C 
Power supply 7.2V ± 10%, RX: 90 mA*,  TX (1W): 1A, TX (5W): 2.2A
Standards EIS 300 086 / ETS 300 113/ EN 300 279 / EN 50 082-2 (industrial environment)
  * (normal operation, programmable "sleeping mode" in P81)

P82 P83
RS232 Line baud rate 300-19200 300-19200
Air data rate 4800/9600 4800/9600
Radio protocol  Yes Yes
Error checking  Yes Yes
Error correcting  Yes Yes
Addressing Yes Yes
Custom protocol  No Yes
Relay option No Yes
Frequency band UHF UHF
Max. TX power 5W 5W
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220020 Niros TRX2001, 403-445 MHz, P82, 25 KHz channel spacing  EUR 997,--
220030 Niros TRX2001, 403-445 MHz, P83, 25 KHz channel spacing  EUR 1058,--
220021 Niros TRX2001, 430-470 MHz, P82, 25 KHz channel spacing  EUR 997,--
220031 Niros TRX2001, 430-470 MHz, P83, 25 KHz channel spacing  EUR 1058,--
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3082 Programming box - incl. cables EUR 236,--
1102 System disc (new version) EUR 95,--
Stand : November 2005
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