Second Hand Basestation Trunking equipment 
We offer you the remains of the former german trunking operators : Sprintel, Quickfunk, Terrafon, D.B.F Bündelfunk, Regiokom
All Parts are used, unless otherwise noted.
Contions are : used, unpacked, unknown, no warranty on function, 4 weeks testung time - swap option

The ideal chance for you as a trunking operator to get spareparts for your analog sites.
We are waiting for your serious offers on all or some parts

Power Supply
5x Benning, Tebeshop, 220V in, 48V/30A out
1x Benning, Tebevert, 220V, 2 A
R+S, Bick Mobilfunk, Accessnet
1x Funkuhr 6050, radio clock 6050
1x LR-Einschub
2x SV-Einschub
1x Verbindungskabel
Microwave Radio Link
1x Ericsson Mini-Link-C digital microwave radio, 2x2 Mbps transmission capacity, 21-23 GHZ band, klick for picture
     new, with english + german manual, with 0,3m Antenna, mast clamp, in original boxes
Nokia Actionet, PCB board
3 x FDU DC 1680 A02 Bild
3x SWU Bild
1 x MDIC Bild
3 x RAM Bild
11 x ROM DC 1624 A01 Bild
3 x CPU (286) Bild
8 x CPU (386) DC 2182 B03 Bild
10 x RWU DC 1023 A01 Bild
3 x MSU DC 1076 C04 Bild
3 x DMAD DC 1020 A01 Bild
8 x IBC DC 1026 A02 Bild
4 x CCU DC 1024 A02
DC 1024 A03
10 x MBIF DC 1019 A02 Bild
3 x TSP DC 1064 B02 Bild
2 x PSTN DC 2171 C03 Bild
2 x BSIU with defect H2 Bild
1 x TLIU DC 1470 A02 Bild
1 x Telefonhandset Bild
3 x PWS MX/SX DC 1075 A01 Bild
3 x PWS MX/SX DC 1074 A01 Bild
1x 727622, Receiver Multicoupler, 400..470 MHz, 1x in, 16x out, Ser-No. 13, with documentation & test report
1x ANT, 1.2m Disk
Office software
Stand : August 2003