Several TetraFlex® Systems already delivered to customers.  
TetraFlex® is the world’s smallest TETRA system has been well accepted by the market.

TetraFlex® is a new and revolutionary way of making TETRA coverage. 

It is a small, handy, single carrier system that gives a unique possibility for fast, cheap, and easy deployment of a small local, rural or mobile TETRA system. The small size of the system already implemented in “ready to install” outdoor cabinet is just one of TetraFlex® Micro System advantages. 

Using pure IP connectivity, TetraFlex® supports implementation of Voice over IP (VoIP) services, access to local telephone system or PSTN. 

Easy access to data services via a standard API (Application Programming Interface) ensure that the application supplier easily becomes access to the TETRA facilities without having to work up a profound knowledge to the complicated TETRA protocols.

TetraFlex® Micro System is a single-site 1 carrier micro system being capable to handle approximately 100-150 users simultaneous.
Very easy connection of two TetraFlex® Micro Systems provides 2 carriers single-site system being capable to handle even a medium size enterprise. 

We are supplying TetraFlex® Micro System for the whole internet
Bringing the world of TETRA expertise into your business.

Outdoor Basestation BS421

Choose TetraFlex® for your business because of:

  • Digital system that gives your organisation freedom and flexibility to optimise your organisation and hereby gain cost reduction. 
  • Digital voice optimised for noise environments, gives your security there is no misunderstanding in the communication 
  • Digital systems have build in a basic privacy 
  • Spectrum efficient system up to four digital channels on one 25Khz channel 
  • Optional encryption is available to ensure absolutely privacy 
  • TetraFlex® is a very small system and very reliable system that has very low operating cost. 
  • The system can very fast be deployed in existing towers a minimum of installation work is required 
  • The systems utilising IP technology, including VoIP for dispatcher and PSTN interconnect 
  • A large number of terminal manufactures offers terminal for the TetraFlex system 
  • A large number of TETRA features are included, Group call, Broadcast call, individual call, duplex call , emergency call, data, dispatcher, SDS gateway, PSTN gateway 
  • The system offers the possibility change priority for single users to ensure optimal usage to the capacity
System Controller
  • Support for up to 2 DAMM BS421 base stations
  • Pentium CPU and Microsoft XP inside
  • Built in Ethernet switch 
  • Internal -48V DC power supply
  • Built-in lightening protection
  • IP65 encapsulation
  • Easy installation
  • Optional internal battery back-up for up to 2 hours operation 
  • Optional redundant configuration
The DAMM SB421 Service box - in this configuration deployed as a TetraFlex® system controller - offers support for up to two DAMM BS421 base stations. The controller offers enhanced facilities but is compatible with the previous indoor PC based site controllers for TetraFlex® and can be deployed when upgrading -
or in connection with replacement of previous types of in-door TetraFlex® equipment.

The TetraFlex® system controller is designed for out-door use and to be mounted directly on the antenna mast in a distance of up to 150 meters from the base stations. The unit is to be fastened and installed on a back plate, which is supplied with the controller - including clamps from 30– 102 mm Ø. As an option mounting kits to fit units up to 200 mm Ø can be supplied. The unit is supplied with individual lock system but can optional be delivered with system lock and system key.

Outdoor Service Box SB421

Controller facilities
In the unit is a built-in Pentium CPU and hard disk including the operating system Microsoft XP Embedded. In addition to this the system is supplied
with built-in Ethernet switch permitting LAN connection to 2 base stations and WAN connection for remote dispatchers and network management equipment, application servers and also PABX and SDS gatekeepers.

The controller is supplied with TetraFlex® software in the form of site control facilities, support both for local and remote dispatcher and network
management facilities and also a number of the well known TetraFlex® facilities. (See separate TetraFlex® brochure). When supplying the controller, client
software and hardware dongle for 1 remote PC for dispatcher and network management is also included. On demand software and dongles for up to three dispatchers and network management stations working simultaneously can be supplied.
The TetraFlex® system controller is in the daily operations self-contained due to the fact that the TetraFlex® subscriber- and system database is installed on the unit implying that the joint configuration ensures an optimum TETRA operation in case of disconnections in the IP connection to any remote equipment.
Power supply and charging
The unit is equipped with a built-in power supply for connection of 100- 240 V AC, with -48 V DC output for own circuits and for 2 DAMM BS421 base stations. The unit is included a control and charging circuit for the optional internal battery module as well as for 3rd party external battery units. The internal battery module supplies battery back-up for up to two hours of operation depending on the number of base stations.
The unit is lightening protected by internal circuits. For service and maintenance purposes the unit can easily be dismounted from the mast by means of connection boards, which disconnects all cable connections at the same time. (See picture on next page).
Optional redundant configuration The TetraFlex® system controller can be supplied with software for connection of a second controller implying that a single site, 4-carrier configuration can be obtained. This configuration offers full redundancy with no single point of failure. In case of this option please contact DAMM
system sales.
Control equipment
CPU Pentium M 1.4 GHz, Memory 512 MB, Disk 40 GB, LAN connection Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s, WAN connection Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s
Operating system Microsoft Windows XP Embedded

Power supply
Supply voltage 100-240V AC,  Output voltage -48V DC, Output current 6 Amp, Power consumption 20W (idle, excl. charging, excl. tranceivers)
Optional internal battery 4 x 12V DC 7Ah

Dimensions (HxWxD) 375 x 283 x 215 mm, inclusive mounting bracket, Weight (incl. mounting acc. and battery) 20 kgs, Wind area 0,10 sq. m
Operating temp. (with optional battery) -20° to +55° Celsius, Encapsulation IP65

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