Radio Modem
Rugged, Reliable, Flexible

  • Proven, Reliable RF Platform
  • DSP Based Signaling Engine
  • 1200 Baud Modem on Board
  • Choice of Interface (3 Ports)
  • Flexible Power Source (9-30V DC)


The Tait Radio Modem is a rugged and flexible data radio, offering communication equpment manufacturers and system integrators an ideal off-the-shelf solution for data tranfser applications.

Utilising a proven radio plattform, th Tait Radio Modm has a data transfer speed of 1200 Baud using the FFK format - providing high reliability over difficult radio paths.

The modem has been developed using leading edge technology with a DSP based signaling engine at its core. It is suitable as a standalone telemetry unit for use in point-to-point or pont-to-multipoint data communications.

Key Features
  • Multiplle channek switching via
    • 16 channels Internally selectable via SW1 DIP switch
    • 8 channels externally selectable through audio port pins
    • 310 channels selectable via computer software and CCDI commands 
  • Programmable 12.5/20/25 kHz channel spacing 
  • HF Output : 1..5 Watt
  • Duty Cycle at temp. max. : 20% = 1 min TX, 4 min RX
  • Operating voltage 9-30V DC 
  • Operating Temperature Range : -30C to +60C ambient
  • Powerful DSP based signaling engine 
  • Three interfaces as standard :
    1. Port : RX/TX audio port, external PTT, carrier detect, channel select and DC input
    2. Port : 1200 Baud transparent modem
    3. Port : Speaker mic/connector (3.5m and 2.5mm phone jack)
  • Programming port - via RS232 port (Port 2)
  • Robust lightweight metal housing
  • External LED indicator
  • Comprehensive Windows based programming software
Tait is your complete supplier of radio communications equipment, with mobil, portable and infrastructure solutions. Tait is renowned for its flexibility, responsivness and commitment to produing innovative world-class mobile radio communiactions products.
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Radio Modem/Datenfungerät, VHF 136-174 EUR 450,--

Radio Modem/Datenfungerät, UHF 400-470
EUR 450,--

TOP5000 Speaker Microphone Foster FM-IS, D-Clip
EUR 86,--
RS232/V24 Kabel
EUR 14,--
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