easy-to-use TETRA status and location data transmitter
  • Programmable, microprocessor controlled status transmitter with max. twelve buttons.
  • Backlit buttons, texts and colours can be defined by customer and also changed afterwards.
  • Compatible with EADS, Sepura, Motorola and Cleartone TETRA radios.
  • Separate status or text message and TETRA destination numbers can be defined for each button, also secondary status to different destination definable. Also possibility of sending status to active talk group.
  • The last pressed button shines brighter (or blinks until acknowledgment status is received, if function in use). Possibility to set two separate button groups.
  • Each button can also be defined to function in ON/OFF mode (sends a different status when pressed again or in request mode (repeatedly pressed).
  • Button can be defined as confirmation/activation button for other button.
  • Button can also operate only in indicator mode which switches light on/off after receiving status.'Registered to network' status can be automatically sent (useful in weak radio coverage areas).
  • SKL Pro is easily configurable by Windows PC configuration software (EA-Configurator).
  • Slot or surface mounting, fits in standard car radio mounting slot, surface mounting frame included.
  • Control of location sending can be activated by status buttons automatically.
  • Also a "black box" version available.

  • Optional GSM/GPRS and conventional radio interface available.
Operating voltage 11-28 VDC
Current draw max. 300 mA (with GPS-antenna/receiver connected)
Dimensions (hxwxd) 59x188x35 mm
Buttons IP67
Connection to some TETRA radios as follows:
  • EADS (Nokia) TxR8x0: directly to DLR-3T or DLR-3P data cable
  • Nokia TxR4x0: directly to Nokia XSCC400-01 data cable or MCB232 connection box
  • Sepura (Simoco): directly to SRM1000 control unit and SRPx000 car kit. With SRxxx00 mobile radio SKL cable has D15 connector. SRxxx00 hand radios needs separate data cable.
  • Cleartone CM9000: directly to control unit with special cable (D9 female data connector)
  • Motorola MTxxx0: directly to GMKN1022 data cable
Artikelnummer Bild Bezeichnung Preis excl  MwSt.
SKL10P SKL-10 Pro - 10 buttons  EUR 425,--
SKL12P SKL-12 Pro - 12 buttons  EUR 450,--
16 buttons, 16 x programmable I/O, microphone interface
EUR 895,--
SKLPROII SKL Pro II, - 20 buttons, display and menu control  EUR 745,--
MCB232H Connection box for Nokia THR4x0 series (replaces MCB400)
- no need for external system or data cable, selectable line level or HF level connection for audio
EUR 210,--
DLR3P DLR-3P data cable - needed when connecting SKL Pro directly to THR8x0 hand radio EUR 40,--
DLR3T DLR-3T data cable - needed when connecting SKL Pro to TMR880 or THR8x0's car kit EUR 40,--
GMKN1022 Motorola MTM800 RS232 Interface Cable EUR 50,-- 
EAC EA-Configurator - programming equipment for Elektro-Arola's TETRA products, iincludes Windows PC program CD, programming cables and 230 V power supply EUR 420,--
SKLPOHJA SKL button textings - charge for building customer-defined button texting file for SKL (only charged for first
EUR 30,--
Stand : Dezember 2006