Phonecell® SX4D
for GSM 900 or GSM 1800


Fixed Wireless
Terminal Providing

All the features and functionality of a wireline telephone - without the wires. The Phonecell® SX4D Desktop Phones for GSM 900 or GSM 1800 are digital wireless telephones that incorporate fixed wireless technology in full-featured touch-tone phones. Rather than connect to a traditional landline, the SX4D Desktop Phones connect wirelessly to existing 900 MHz
and 1800 MHz GSM cellular networks. The SX4D Desktop Phone operates just like an ordinary wireline phone. The user picks up the handset, hears a dial tone, enters the phone number on the touch-tone keypad and waits for a connection. There is no SEND key. The Desktop Phone includes common wireline phone features such as caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, redial and voice mail with visible and audible indicators, which can be accessed with a single key. The Phonecell SX4D
Desktop Phones for GSM 900 and GSM 1800 are the ideal solution for today’s wireless communication needs.
  • Immediate primary or secondary telephone access
  • Exceptional voice quality
  • Digital voice privacy
  • Easy-to-use integrated handset
  • User-friendly LCD display
  • Simple set-up in minutes by the subscriber
  • Over-the-air activation enables cellular carriers to utilize existing handset distribution channels
  • Built-in battery backup for self-contained limited operation during AC power outages
  • GSM 900 MHz Voice
  • GSM 1800 MHz Voice
  • Exceptional voice quality with echo cancellation and digital voice privacy
  • DTMF and pulse-dial capability
  • AC-to-DC wall cube power supply (included) and builtin battery backup with battery (batteries not included)
  • Compatible with popular supplementary services, including call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID and more (all subject to network availability) 
  • Supports over-the-air activation 
  • Full-featured touch-tone keypad with redial and voice mail keys 
  • Convenient LCD display provides terminal status and programming information
  • Built-in signal-strength indication and self-test capabilities for user diagnostics
  • Simple desktop or wall-mount installation
Air Interface Standard
  • GSM 900 Phase 1
  • GSM 1800 Phase 2
Transmit Power
  • GSM 900: 2 watts
  • GSM 1800: 1 watt
Frequency Ranges (Transmit / Receive)
  • GSM 900 890-915 MHz 935-960 MHz
  • GSM 1800 1710-1785 MHz 1805-1880 MHz
Dimensions and Weight
  • Metric (cm) 21,6 L x 16 W x 7,1 H
  • U.S. (inches) 8.5 L x 6.3 W x 2.8 H
  • Weight (without battery): .73 kg (1.6 lbs.)
Operating Voltage
  • 6 VDC
Power Dissipation
  • l AC power input: 7 W (Maximum input power of the terminal at full RF power)
Operating Temperature
  •  -10°C to +50°C (+14°F to +122°F) (Up to 95% relative humidity-non-condensing)
LCD Display
  • Service/signal strength
  • Terminal Status
  • Programming information
Connectors & Switches
  • TNC antenna connector
  • 6 VDC wall-cube power input socket
  • 6 VDC auxiliary power input socket
  • Internal battery On/Off toggle switch
AC-to-DC Wall Cube Power Supply (Included)
  • Voltage: 120/240 VAC
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • 110/220V
Batteries (Not Included)
  • 6 “AAA” alkaline batteries provide 10 minutes of talk time.
  • 3 dB gain spike antenna (included)
  • Optional higher gain antennas available:
    • 5 dB gain magnetic mount antenna

    • 9 dB and 12 dB gain Yagi antennas
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