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Multichannel PRA Complete System 64
What are the advantages of GSM Gateways ?
  • Reducing fixed to mobile, mobile to fixed communication costs between 50%-70% (average, depending on country SIM card tariffs)
  • Free choice of SIM cards (from mobile carriers) and corresponding offers, e.g. inexpensive VPN tariffs
  • Modular system for small/medium/big size business (Corporates, Call Center, ISP´s, fixed/cellular operators etc.)
  • GSM gateways can be installed as Wireless Local Loop solution. The PABX, connected to a GSM gateway can operate without any fixed network line
  • GSM Gateway products are available for ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, and analogue lines.
  • ISDN BRI solution offers direct fax over GSM networks
How does it work?
  • Connected to an internal/external PABX port, GSM gateways function like a mobile/cellular phone, where SIM cards (3V) have to be inserted
  • Calls from fixed to mobile networks will be directed from the PABX to the GSM gateway
  • This way the PABX , connected to a GSM gateway, is able to establish a direct mobile to mobile call. Resulting that each call from the PABX to mobile networks can be routed via the selected SIM card (e.g. inexpensive VPN tariff), which is inside the GSM gateway
What are your benefits?
  • Cost saving for calls to or from mobiles, LCR also for routing to fixed line
  • Easy to use e-mail / SMS gateway: Send SMS from every mail program
  • Versatile technical support (e-mail, telephone)
  • Competitive prices, proven quality, good technical support and quick delivery
  • Easy to install and maintain
Configuration and Monitoring made easier with Windows® Software PRAC
  • Dialing modes: En-Block, Overlapped (INFO or DTMF)
  • Two stage dialing from GSM/PSTN
  • Authorization lists for dialing from GSM/PSTN to GSM/PSTN
  • User recordable announcements for caller prompting
  • Automatic forwarding of incoming calls at dial timeout to channel specific number
  • Windows® software PRAC for configuration/monitoring via RS-232, Ethernet, or GSM
  • Reconfiguration during active calls for most parameters
  • Status display, PRI: Operation mode, layer 1,2,3 status, signal status, sync status, number of outgoing/incoming calls active/in progress
  • Status display, GSM: Group and Identification, GSM module status, diversion setting, 4-colour signal strength (RSSI) bar display, channel specific ASR, average call duration, total air time in percent, network, location (LAC), cell ID, IMSI, alarm status, GSM module ID/firmware
  • Fault report by SMS
CDR (Call Statistics)
  • Automatic download of CDR's and export in CSV format
  • Start Time, Calling Number, Called Number, Whether the call is to be billed, Call Duration, Release Cause, Bearer Capability, From Channel, To Channel, Generated AOC's, Preferred Carrier (for Fallback Routing)
  • Graphical analysis
SMS Functionality
  • Double use: Sending of SMS parallel to active calls 
  • High throughput: More than 1000 SMS per hour 
  • Three ways of sending SMS: 
    • Directly Send/Receive SMS from configuration software
    • As SMS-Server: Send /Receive SMS from any e-mail account, intelligent handling of SMS answers by leading them to the right e-mail address
    • Using third-party software: Modem emulation according to part of GSM 07.05
Special Features
  • Combining the traffic of 2 PRI to 64 GSM Channels can result in up to 30% more throughput (compared to 2 solutions with 1 PRI/32 GSM)
  • Theoretical traffic volume limit as high as 2,000,000 minutes per month
  • Only 2 antennas for 64 GSM channels needed 
All technical data subject to change without notice
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Multichannel PRA Base Package 4 19 Zoll Gehäuse 6 HE inkl. Backplane + Netzgerät + Antennensplitter betückt mit :
1x CPU Board, 
1x PRI Board mit 2 PRI, 
1x GSM Board mit 4 GSM Modulen inkl. Antennensplitter
EUR 7.800,--
Multichannel PRA GSM Board GSM Board mit 4 GSM Modulen inkl. Antennensplitter EUR 1.690,--
Multichannel PRA IPG-Board IP-Gateway für PRA mit MOXA Server EUR 585,--

Complete System

Multichannel PRA Complete System 16 Base Package ausgebaut auf 16 GSM Kanälen, inkl IP Board & Moxa Server EUR 11.570,--
Multichannel PRA Complete System 32 Base Package ausgebaut auf 32 GSM Kanälen, inkl IP Board & Moxa Server EUR 18.200,--
Multichannel PRA Complete System 64 Base Package ausgebaut auf 64 GSM Kanälen, inkl IP Board & Moxa Server EUR 31.200,--
Stand : September 2005
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