GP600, GTX-Basic, GTX, PTX600
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Trotz anderslautender Reklame bei verschiedenen Auktionshäusern :
  • Die ist kein BOS-Funkgerät
  • Es läßt sich nach Umprogrammierung auf 4 Kanälen im UHF-Funkband einsetzen, aber nur 403-433 MHZ !
  • Es läßt sich auch nicht durch ändern des Betriebssystem (flashen) ändern
  • Ja, ich schreibe dies, weil es tätsächlich so ist. Bitte sehen Sie von Anfragen ab, ob es sich nicht doch irgendwie ändern läßt
The Motorola GP600 Portable sets the industry standard for robustness, size and ease of use. The portable can be conveniently hand held and placed in a pocket when not in use. The Motorola ALT process is your assurance that the inevitable bumps and knocks of everyday use will not affect the performance of the GP600 and its ability to go on giving years of faithful service.
All Models
Selective and fleet calling
    • All versions of the GP600 Trunked radios can make a complete range of calls available on the network, including individual and group calls to other radios and calls to the telephone network.
Base call
    • A single push of the Base call button can automatically connect you to your office or supervisor... it's that easy!
Stored number recall
    • There's no need to use the keypad to dial frequently called numbers. Up to 16 stored radio, status or telephone numbers can be recalled using the rotary knob. Just select the number you require and send the call by pressing the 'push to talk' button.
Priority calls
    • Where permitted the GP600 can make High Priority and Emergency calls, this facility can be triggered using the Base call button, the short form dial knob or the keypad. This means that emergency calls can be easily made and will be routed ahead of other routine traffic on the network.
Last number redial
    • The last number called can be recalled by simply double pressing the 'push to talk' button, saving time when repeatedly calling the same destination.
Status calls
    • Pre-programmed messages can be sent by the radio, eliminating the need for speech calls for frequently used messages.
Call control
    • Calls can only be made from the pre-programmed dedicated call list or one of the dedicated call keys. This provides greater financial control, and prevents the user being busy with unauthorised calls.
  • Network operation
      • Motorola Trunked radios contain powerful software that works away in the background to ensure that the radios always select the best channel for your call. Motorola technology also provides the most sensitive receivers, together these two features ensure that you always get the best speech quality and reduced interference.
    Audio clarity
      • The noise cancelling microphones and "Tailored Response" loudspeakers fitted as standard with the GP600 provide greater speech clarity when used in high noise environments. In addition to this, the volume of the tones produced by the radio can be adjusted to suit your working environment.
    Trunked or Conventional operation
      • The GP600 portables can also be programmed to work in conventional radio systems for easy integration and operation with existing radio systems.
    Low battery warning
      • An audible and visual low battery warning is given when the battery voltage falls below a pre-set level, allowing the user to change or recharge batteries before communication is lost.
      • Users can have the capability to program or re-program user facilities such as dial lists using a simple, easy to understand graphical program running on a standard PC. Motorola have designed this software to provide maximum flexibility for users without the risk of important network features being accidentally changed.
    Additional features available with Keypad/Display Model
      • Keypad dialling
      • The GP600 can make keypad dialled calls to any permitted destination and can alsomake 'tone overdial' calls into services such as Voice mail and advanced telephone facilities.
    Fleet call
      • Use the keypad to dial the full fleet and group range, and make a call to any selected user or group by pressing the 'push to talk' button.
    ID display.
      • When an individual call is received, the radio displays the identity of the calling unit. This visual information about who is calling greatly enhances the simplicity of the communication system and saves time on each conversation.
    Unattended operation
      • No need to miss a call because you are away from your radio. The Motorola Trunked radio continues to monitor the radio channels for calls. Incoming calls can be stored and recalled later when the operator returns. This simple paging system avoids the frustration of continuously trying to get hold of someone when their radio is unattended.
    Call barring
    • The radios can be programmed to prevent the user from making certain types of call, for example telephone calls, or the keypad may be locked to prevent any numbers being 'dialled' from the keypad. With the keypad locked, calls can only be made from the short form dial list or the Base call button. This provides greater financial control and prevents the user being busy with unauthorised calls.

    Call duration timer

    • Every time your conversation begins, a timer in the display shows you how long you have been speaking for. A tone is also sounded to warn you that 10 seconds of the call remains.

    Power Switching

    • The GP600 portable has the capability to switch between high power for maximum range and low power for battery saving.


    • Motorola GP600 portables are available with simple preselected call controls or with easy to use keypad and 8 character display, depending upon your requirements. 
    The Motorola GP600 portable is the cost effective solution to your Trunked radio requirements.
    Whatever your Organisation, when your personnel are out and about on business, take a look at what two-way radio communications can do for you.

    Traditional users of mobile two-way radio include the emergency services, security guards, construction workers and anywhere that needs a confident, fast and efficient response.

    Trunked Radio Systems take two-way radio a stage further by extending convenient, straightforward, yet powerful and clear communication solutions, over a wide area, to many more types of business.

    Motorola GP600 radios can support your organisation's full trunked communications requirements. User features from the wide range described below can be selected to match your system requirements and provide easy to use, flexible communications.

    Motorola: Your assurance of quality.
    The Motorola Radius GP600 has been developed to offer a high level of durability and operational reliability. Like all Motorola products, the GP600 has passed our unique Accelerated Life Test, which simulates five years' hard use in the field.

    As the world's leading manufacturer of mobile communications equipment, Motorola is dedicated to excellence in its products and level of customer suppor

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