The Motorola GP1200 Portable sets the industry standard for robustness, size and ease of use. The Portable can be conveniently hand held and placed in a pocket when not in use. The Motorola ALT process is your assurance that the inevitable bumps and knocks of everyday use will not affect the performance of the GP1200 and it's ability to go on giving years of faithful service.
The GP1200 portable has all the features and facilities of the big brother GM1200 mobile including the ability to switch between high power for maximum range and low power for battery saving.

In addition, an audible and visual low battery warning is given when the GP1200's battery voltage falls below a pre-set level, allowing the user to change or recharge batteries before communication is lost.

  • Unattended operation No need to miss a call because you are away from your radio. The Motorola trunked radio continues to monitor the radio channels for calls. Incoming calls can be stored and recalled later when the operator returns. This simple paging system avoids the frustration of continuously trying to get hold of someone when their radio is unattended.
  • Call duration timer Every time your conversation begins, the call timer lets you know how long you've been speaking. You will therefore know when you are running short of airtime, before the system times out your call.
  • Network operation Motorola trunked radios contain powerful software to ensure that the radios always select the best station for your call. Motorola technology also provides the most sensitive receivers, together these two features ensure that you always get the best speech quality and reduced interference.
  • Audio clarity The noise cancelling microphones fitted as standard with the 1200 series portables and mobiles provide greater speech clarity when used in high noise environments. In addition to this, the volume of the tones produced by the radio can be adjusted, making it easier to hear when the radio is receiving an incoming call.
  • Multiple Personalities The 1200 Series can work on up to four different networks giving greater flexibility of coverage. The same function can be used to extend the stored number lists and the number of dedicated calls available in the radio for use on one network. One of these personalities can be a multi-channel Conventional Mode for easy integration and operation with existing radio systems.
  • Data All 1200 series radios have the capability to send and receive data.
  • Upgrading In addition to the normal programming of radios via a standard PC, Motorola have provided the capability for radios to be upgraded with later versions of software so as to add features that were not available at the date of purchase, this means that the 1200 series radios will continue to grow as your Organisation grows. Another reason to look forward to your future with Motorola.

Whatever your Organisation, when your personnel are out and about on business, take a look at what two-way radio communications can do for your operating efficiency.

Traditional users of mobile two-way radio include the emergency services (where speed of communication can mean life or death), security guards, construction sites, police and military anywhere that needs a confident, fast and efficient response.

Trunked Radio Systems take two-way radio a stage further by extending convenient, straightforward yet powerful and clear communication solutions to many more businesses than previously possible.

Whether you are looking to improve the productivity of a fleet of vehicles, or improve your levels of customer service to beat your competitors, Motorola trunked radios will maximise the return on your investment.

When you need the benefits of a trunked radio system for your Organisation, then you will appreciate the advantages of using the Motorola Radius GP1200 Portable and GM1200 Mobile radios.

The 1200 series radios combine Motorola quality with ease of use to maximise the return on your investment.

Designed and built by Motorola, the worlds largest manufacturer of radio communications equipment, the Radius GPI200 portable and GM1200 mobile radios put a world of technology at your fingertips. As well as meeting MIL SPEC. 810 C,D,E, and IP54, every Motorola radio must pass our unique "Accelerated Life Test" before we offer it to you. This testing simulates 5 years of hard use in the field, your best assurance for durability. As a result, a 12 month free replacement warranty comes as standard with every GP1200 and GM1200 - Motorola quality at its best.

Motorola Trunked Radio Communications:

  • Radios designed to be used in everyday situations.
  • Experienced Motorola approved suppliers to configure and install your communications equipment.
  • Years of trouble free service.
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