Dolphin D700 TETRA Radio/Phone

Motorola D700 Dolphin Handset Specifications:
The Motorola D700 is Dolphins TETRA workhorse. Perfect for heavy duty applications D700 is simple to operate but is packed with features. It provides fabulous voice clarity from a compact, robust handset.
To make the d700 simple to use, a dedicated toggle key moves the user between the three voice modes of operation. In phone mode, the handset behaves like a conventional mobile phone. In Private mode it is easy to make individual calls between members of your private net especially when using short dial. In Group mode, group calls can be made with other members in your private net. Incoming calls are always received irrespective of the mode selected. For easy management and use, there is a different phonebook for each mode. 

Exceptional speech quality - As well as benefiting from background noise suppression provided through the TETRA technology, the d700 has a unique speaker and earpiece design with a 0.5 watt speaker offering outstanding audio quality for use with Express Connect and Express Group calls and separate earpiece for 'discrete' phone call operation enhancing personal safety and convenience. 

Extended operating time - The d700 has an advanced battery economy mode with the standard Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery. Easy to Use Despite its advanced design, the Dolphin d700 is extremely simple to use. Easy-to-follow menus, speed dial and short-cut keys provide quick access to all voice, text and status messaging facilities. Intuitive text editing allows easy management of the phone books and creation and editing of text messages. 

This radio can work in TMO (Trunking mode Operation) only. No support of DMO (Direct Mode Operation). If you are not a registered customer of a Tetra-Network, this radio is useless. Except for decoration purpose.
Technical Data 
  • Dimensions: 135mm(H) x 60mm(W) x 18.5mm(D) (excluding battery and antenna)
  • Weight: 150g excl. battery
  • Output Power : Software controlled (max.) 1 W 
  • Frequency Bands: 410 - 430 MHz 
  • Operation Mode : Duplex, Semi-duplex, Short Data Services and Packet Data
  • Battery Power* : Standard 1200mAH NiMH: 25 hrs standby 2 hrs talktime 16 hrs typical life (as new in test conditions)
  • Keypad: Full alphanumeric keypad with "blind operation" reference points. Group/Private speaker key · Mode · Menu · Soft Keys · Power On/Off · Emergency function key · Up/Down (Left/Right) arrow keys · Volume · PTT
  • Display: Large 4 x 12 character back-lit display with status icons: Signal strength, Silent ringer, New message mail Group/Private Speaker, Battery Strength, Status message
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Programmierservice sowie Zubeh?r ist aber noch verf?gbar.
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FTN6029A Standard Battery, 1200mAh, NiMH EUR 41,92
FTN6028A Ultra Slim battery, 600mAh, NiMH EUR 42,92
FTN6004A Slim battery, 950mAh,LiIon EUR 84,36
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FLN2611A Vehicular Battery Charger ausverkauft
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FRN5942A Car Kit sold out
FLN9299A External PTT (car kit accessory) EUR 26,61
FRN5944A External speaker for car kit (car kit accessory) sold out
FRN5943A Hands-free car kit adapter sold out
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NTN8367A Ohrhörer-Mikrofon Kombination / Earpiece mic EUR 22,64
FRN5941A Audio Adapter EUR 33,73
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D700/MTH300 Programming Hardware Kit, inkl user guide, radio prog cable fkn4875, rfi filter 5804126k03, power supply euro plug epn4041 (12V/350mA) EUR 303,70
FVN4742 Dolphin D700 CPS Kit, noch 1 St?ck, Vers R1.00.28.07, Works in Windows 95 and 98 only EUR 921,34
FVN4815 CPS Kit D700 R1.1 EUR 879,24
FVN4960 CPS Kit D700 R2.0 Ver  R1.82 EUR 879,24
FVN4808 MTH300 CPS Kit CD-Rom EUR 816,02
FVN4824D CPS Release 1.3 D1700, EUR 879,24
FLN9203 Depot parallel Dongle Plug for Dimetra ausverkauft
Programming Cable - not sold seperately - take FLN2909 above
FKN4796 Data Cable for PC - unknown if programming is possible - take FLN2909 above
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Steckernetzeil f?r RIB-BPX EUR 14,--
D061099 Geh?use Entriegelungs Werkzug / Case Opener  sold out

MTM 300 Kit

FKN4696 Parallel Cable. Connects the Programming Box to the parallel port of the computer.
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FKN4697 Accessory Cable (Mobile). Connects the MTM300 to the programming box.
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FKN4723 Serial Cable. Connects the programming box to the serial port of the computer.
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