GSM-Akku Schnelltester

Battery rapid-tester for global storefront service

Storefront battery testing has never been easier ... the single-station Cadex C5100 is designed to rapid-test cell phone batteries. The 30-second test provides the customer a clear assessment of battery performance. Battery limit is 1500 mAh for the Quick-Test. Operation is simple and the narrow footprint fits nicely into storefront operations. The RigidArm™ allows easy interface with most cell phone batteries and can be changed with other SnapLock™ Battery Adapters.
  • Checks cell phone batteries in 30 seconds
  • Prevents discarding of good batteries
  • Simple operation allows storefronts use
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Reduces handling cost, saves money

Benefits & Applications
Restores weak batteries, prolongs battery life and improves system reliability; pays back in one year by lowering operating costs.

End needless battery replacement

Frivolous replacement of warranty batteries costs cell phone providers an estimated $10 million annually. A closer look reveals that 90% of these packs have no problem. QuickSort™ checks battery performance in 30 seconds and classifies them into:
  • Good: can be reused
  • Low: replacement recommended
  • Poor: faulty; discard
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What batteries does QuickSort™ test?
The QuickSort™ matrix for the Cadex C5100 accommodates 3.6V (3.7V) lithium-ion batteries with capacities of 500-1500mAh. Select the battery capacity rating on the tester, connect the battery and press the Test key to start.

Storefront use
The Cadex C5100 tests a battery while the customer waits. Non-performers are replaced with a previously serviced pack. On-site service reduces handling costs, lessens disposal and improves customer satisfaction.

How can the Cadex C5100 reduce operation cost and improve service?
  • Test and inform the customer when a battery replacement is needed
  • Boost over-discharged batteries and bring them back to life again
  • Charge batteries on demand. Battery charges to 70% in one hour
  • Build up a pool of tested batteries as replacement

Battery interface
The Cadex C5100 battery tester includes the RigidArm™. This universal battery adapter is intuitive to use and accommodates most cell phone batteries. The Cadex C5100 also accepts the popular SnapLock™ adapters. Custom Battery Adapters are most convenient for high volume testing. Cadex has a selection of over 1000 custom adapters.

Service is fully automated. Simply connect the battery, select the rating with the arrow keys and press a program key. The programs are:
  • Test: Sorts Li-ion into Good, Low and Poor
  • Charge: Fully charges a battery in about 3 hours
  • Cycle: Charges/discharges/charges and displays capacity in mAh. Prepares exchange batteries at storefronts
  • Boost: Reactivates batteries by activating the protection circuit. Over-discharge is common and Boost often restores these batteries to full service

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Cadex GSM-Akku Schnelltester, inkl RigidArm
only Li-Ion Battery, max 3.6V, 1500 mAh
EUR 700,--
Stand : Oktober 2013