Motorola Microwave Radio "Starpoint"
with channel Multiplexer "Starplex"
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The HF Part of the Radio

This chassis consist of 4 set of Radios
Giving 4 links or 2 links with "hot-standby"

Here a single Radio, front side and 

(right) back side

Labels from a pair of 2 radios. 
These have corresponding frequencies, giving a "Hop"
Each radio equiped with 48 channel modems (MLN6287)
The Multiplexer part of the Radio, called Starplex.
Shown with 12 channel modems (MLN6287)
The dismounted multiplexer cage from front and

(right) back side

One of the channel modems (MLN6287) pulled out of the cage
Close view on a channel modem (MLN6287) form top
Channel modem (MLN6287) from bottom (solder side)
Tx main Board (MTN-6017 B)
Rx main Board (MRN-6017 A)
Stand : März 2004