MTH300 Accessories 


Vehicle Accessories
Vehicle Adapter Kit ELN6131
(External Speaker, External PTT, Visor Microphone)
External PTT FLN9299
Soft Install Car Kit FRN5943
MTH300 Accessories
Motorola Distributorís Conference Lisbon 2002
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Audio Accessories
Personal Hands free kit WALN4096
(Audio Adapter & Earpiece Microphone)
Earpiece Microphone SYN6962
Audio adapter FRN5941
Carry Cases
Soft Leather Carry Case NTN8529
Plastic Carry Case (Belt Clip) NTN8366
Soft Leather Carry Case + Clear Window NTN8648
Soft Leather Pouch NTN8590
Data Cable for PC FKN4796
Programming Cable FKN4875
MTH300 Accessories

Artikelnummer Bezeichnung Preis excl 16% MwSt.
FTN6028A ULTRA SLIM BATT, NiMH, 600mAh  EUR 41,93
FTN6029B BAT HI-CAP, NiMH 1400mAh EUR 41,93
FTN6004A SLIM BATTERY   LI-ION, 950 mAh EUR 84,36
FLN2609 Dual Pocket Charger (Euro plug) 
FLN9289 Dual Pocket Charger (UK plug) 
FLN9441 Travel Charger (UK & Euro plug) 
Stand : März 2002