StartSite/SmartNet systems
Common Features ? Benefits
  • Crisp Audio Quality

  • LLE (Low Level Expansion) for reduced noise in conversational pauses
  • Seamless Communications

  • AMSS (Automatic Multiple Site Selection) – Radio switches to the next site in the radio scan list when moving between sites
  • Prevent Unauthorised Use

  • Selective Radio Inhibit blocks lost or stolen radios remotely
  • User Flexibility

  • Dual Mode Capability means radios can operate on trunking network or in conventional mode
  • Keep in Touch

  • Telephone Interconnect to receive telephone calls
  • Failsoft Operation

  • Radio reverts to pre-assigned conventional channel if trunking network unavailable
  • Get the Message

  • Talkgroup scan constantly
Affordable ? Easy to Use
  • Meets your Requirements

  • 16 different talkgroups to reflect the way the organisation works
  • Multiple System Compatibility

  • Offering the flexibility of accessing 10 different systems as required
  • Avoid Downtime

  • Audible and visible Low Battery Alert
  • Call Flexibility

  • Private Call Decode (one-to-one calls)
    Call Alert Decode (Missed call notification)
    Telephone Interconnect (receive calls)
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Lieferumfang :
  • trunking radio
  • standard Antenna (NAD6502AR-VHF, or NAE6483AR-UHF)
  • standard battery (HNN9008AR)
  • user guide

  • programming 
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MDH25KDC9GB3AE GP240, VHF, no Keypad, Privacy plus EUR 700,--
MDH25RDC9GB3AE dito UHF EUR 700,--
Stand : Januar 2005